Free Telephone Skills Training

June 15, 2022

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A course for customer facing staff who feel that their efficiency could be improved within their working day.

Language Style

The language that you use when speaking to clients over the phone is essential to building an initial relationship. We will explore the best type of language to use when conversing with a client over the phone.

How to Present your Voice

Your tone of voice is essential to achieving the desired result when speaking over the phone. Correctly presenting your voice in a light and approachable manner can be a key factor to onboarding clients.

Active Listening Skills

Perfecting your listening skills is another essential skill to be considered when training someone to work on the phones. Ensuring that you take down the key details from a client avoids the embarrassment of having to ask questions that have already been answered.

Questioning Skills

Cutting down a conversation by asking a few highly specific questions allows you to save a considerable amount of time.

The Importance of a Good Phone Call

Within this section of the course we will explore the power of the phone and how we can influence it. There are a number of small and simple steps which can make or break your phone calls and we will address how to correctly implement these into your practices.