Meet the Member - Rich Evans - Get Better Ltd

February 23, 2024

Get Better Ltd

Rich Evans - Founder & Director

Get Better Ltd is a digital marketing and advertising agency founded by Rich Evans in February 2022.

The firm specialises in email marketing and services clients who are mostly in the e-commerce industry, especially Shopify sites.

Rich previously co-founded another marketing agency before stepping away and becoming a self-employed marketing consultant. In the summer of 2021, Rich joined TownSq coworking hub Node as a freelancer.

Rich said: “I initially heard about Node through a Facebook ad and I thought it would be a place for me to base myself as a newly self-employed remote worker. I came in for a tour and a chat with Julian and he convinced me to get myself a coworking membership so I’d have a focused space outside of the house to get things done.

“It’s been so much more than that though - the community at Node is phenomenal, with so many fascinating people from all walks of life (and business) to learn from. We’ve been able to connect with some fantastic other businesses through the hub who we’ve worked with in a professional capacity, such as a counsellor, HR consultant and accountant.”

Since joining, Rich has grown a team of eight staff and upgraded his hotdesking membership to fully-fledged office space - outgrowing two office sizes already and most recently moving into a large space to accommodate his new colleagues.

During his time at the hub, Rich’s business has also received two nominations for the 2023 FlameNCo Ecom Awards - winning one of them!

Rich’s impressive progress building his team is a fantastic sign of growth, but has come with its challenges too.

Rich said: “One of the biggest learning curves in this journey has been recruiting the right people to join the agency. It’s something we’ve had to take on the chin and learn from when we haven’t got it right, and we’re now in a position to make better decisions going forward as a result of previous mistakes.

“I’m really proud of the team we’ve built. I’m happy to say we’ve built a work environment where everyone can be themselves, feel supported and can have fun while they work. I wanted to create the sort of environment I would love to be part of myself and encourage the team to share, ask for help, and work flexibly to suit their lifestyles.

“We’ve managed to build a profitable agency with happy clients as well as a happy team, so it’s a win-win!”